What are your strategies for consistently setting and reaching business goals?

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The Most Important Thing for Corporate Revival:

This may sound old-fashioned and simple – but from my experience both in and out of the corporate, educational, or home environments – the answer is open and honest communication.

Communication has always been important but, with consideration of the pandemic and the impacts that it has had on all these environments, communication is even more important.  For example, in the past, most executives were not definably interested in the home life or non-work situation of their employees, whether direct reports on hourly wage earners.  Employees were, in general, expected to plan their lives and work priorities in such a manner that “things got done – on time”.

The impacts of the pandemic on education alone have created uncertainty and a degree of chaos and uncertainty in the lives of many people.  Daycare centers that no longer open, schools that may or may not be face-to-face or hybrid, with status changing weekly, homeschooling, and college students that have now returned to live at home because dormitory life is not safe from a health standpoint.  This turbulence coupled with concerns and fears for your own and family health compounded by concern about aging parents and siblings.  The magnitude of these impacts cannot be trivialized and can significantly impact work performance and the corporate environment. 

Allowing employees, at all levels, to discuss issues that impact work performance without fear of retribution or consequences is of even more importance at this time.  Being able to not only discuss issues but also the ability to discuss various options, suggestions, and solutions from all employees with a true listening ear is of critical importance.  This requires a deeper level of communication than what is historically and traditionally found in many corporate environments.

Subtle aspects of mindset change need to be sought out and discussed in a more transparent manner than in the past.  A level of honesty, acceptance, and understanding which has not been achieved to date may be required.  Communication with customers and suppliers will perhaps need to be more open and in-depth than in the past.    The same is true as we look at our “competitors” – it is entirely possible in these times – that through open communication competitors can easily be turned into partners as all are seeking a common goal.

Through a changed approach and modified logical perspective that acknowledges the current situation we all find ourselves in, corporations and businesses can revive and thrive, and a new level of employee satisfaction can be achieved and experienced.  This can all come through a change in our communication.

Finally, getting back to the original blog question — By improved, modified, honest, and modified communication, realistic goals can be set and met – or exceeded.

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