This process was developed, defined, and evolved over many years and is now
being shared with corporations.

CP - path

The Compass Process™ ...

  • A comprehensive series of 4 interconnected steps.
  • Each step can be applied as a standalone activity or connected with other steps.
  • The starting point within the entire process is dependent upon the corporate size, organization, and need.

The totality of The Compass Process ™ will take a company from timely and accurate strategic planning to implementing product improvement that leads to new market strength, increased revenue, and leadership in an effective, efficient and proven manner.

CP Step 1
CP - Step 2
CP - Step 3
Cp -Step 4

The Compass Process ™ ...



  • Topics that are tailored to your need
  • Comprehensive approach – include tangible and intangible aspects
  • We give you the tools – your team can do it themselves
  • Considers employee mindset, social restrictions, supply chain et al
  • Logical method to capture all aspects – serves as a “historical” document
  • Cookie Cutter Process
  • Narrow View (1 focus item)
  • Outside Process Executer (only)
  • Ignores the Current Situation
  • Scattered set of Considerations

The Compass Process™ Benefits

  • Multiple options can be assessed in a matter of weeks.
  • Includes all company, product, and customer considerations.
  • Reduces personal and strong personality biases.
  • Once implemented - Employees know how their ideas will be evaluated.
  • Anticipatory actions can be taken for future options.

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