How do you think about goal-setting for yourself and your company?

By pwsadmin | March 4, 2021

Of course, the starting question for everyone who may want to set goals is: Is the goal realistic?  The way I approach the answer to this question is at 2 levels. The first level is to define decision points.  The points could be either schedule based, or activity based. A mark has to be placed…

What are your strategies for consistently setting and reaching business goals?

By pwsadmin | February 5, 2021

The Most Important Thing for Corporate Revival: This may sound old fashioned and simple – but from my experience both in and out of the corporate, education or home environments – the answer is open and honest communication. Communication has always been important but, with consideration of the pandemic and impacts that it has had…

Business Constraints

By pwsadmin | December 5, 2020

Right now there is a multiplicity of CONSTRAINTS – But let’s talk about BUSINESS Constraints – how they impact you and how to think about them. “Constraints” is one of the 8 words that I use to assess, describe and implement a positive movement in the corporate environment.  A constraint can take many forms.  It…

Recovering From a Major Disaster – The Management Challenge

By pwsadmin | November 3, 2020

Introduction The beginning of the year 2020 had an outlook for continued growth with business operating as normal. In March, the world literally changed. The impact of a substantial increase in deaths in Italy generated concern throughout the world. This unknown coronavirus was unlike anything that had happened in the world for over 100 years.…

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