Newberry Technology Associates (NTA)

A Trusted Emerging Technology Consulting Company

Newberry Technology Associates was founded by Deb Newberry. Under her leadership, we will help you employ technological innovations to create positive changes in your company.

Mission Statement

We aim to help companies assess and look at what technology to use in their company to expand revenue.

What People Say About NTA

A Trusted Voice

Walt Trybula

MBA, Ph.D.

Whether introducing new technology into an operation, scaling up challenging products, increasing both efficiency and quality, or squeezing more yield out of a product, there is no one else I would rather have on my team than Deb Newberry.

Sheila Wilson

HI-TEC Conference Manager

Energetic, always has new content, knows her materials well, and is very engaged with the audience. Deb would be a great addition as a speaker to any conference!

Doug Snyder

Founder IWG Ministries Owner

Amazing ability to describe and explain very technical topics in an entertaining and “easy to understand” way to non-technical audiences. A great speaker.

Terry A. Higbee, PhD

Technical Director/Owner

I highly recommend NTA in any endeavor, big or small. Deb is personable and highly effective in managing large teams to develop high-tech computing platforms. Deb performed insightful research in radiation effects, chaired technical forums, authored and presented papers and authored book chapters. She is a rare find!