Deb Newberry


She is an international speaker and educator at heart who loves sharing her expertise on nanotechnology and its positive impact on our world. She is an international speaker and educator at heart who loves sharing her passion for management and emerging technologies and how to positively impact businesses and our world. Deb is also fascinated with astronomy and space and enjoys music and watercolor in her free time.

What Sets Her Apart

Deb helps audiences understand the newest technology options. Using multiple metaphors, she simplifies technology options to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability for your company. With her skill in debunking technology myths, Deb gives you the real scoop on nanotechnology, composite materials, biotechnology, and photonics.

Professional Summary

More than 15 years of experience in program management including defense, scientific, and commercial programs with national and international contracts

  • More than two decades of research, management, and national leadership in radiation effects and satellite systems
  • Investigated space radiation effects (TID and SEE) in logic devices and systems
  • Discovered impact of system-level transient pulses from space radiation
  • Expertise in single event effects in logic devices and subsystem electronics
  • Multi-dimensional expertise with a unique combination of research and knowledge in emerging technologies, including nanotechnology, photonics, materials, biotechnology, composite materials, satellite development, electronics, and manufacturing
  • Executive management: business development, marketing, and education leadership
  • Management experience: development and operation of multiple contracts with industry and educational partners
  • Management and operation of National Science Foundation grants over 10M
  • Procurement and management of national and international programs with revenues more than $650M
  • Education leadership: creation of a 72-credit college nanotechnology program
  • More than 200 educational workshops, presentations, and publications
  • Skilled in relationship building, training, critical thinking, problem solving, and oral and written communication
  • Multiple state and national advisory boards

Technology/New Product Development

  • Exemplified excellence in individual scientific development efforts and leadership of highly technical staff and teams. Maintained a strong technical foundation in traditional and emerging sciences.
  • Developed an advanced technology integration assessment methodology.
  • Directed innovative technical team resulting in six electronics-based patents
  • Served as Co-Chair for an international, multi-company development team

Strategic Planning/Business Development

  • Grew the overall market segment by 5-fold through the implementation of a strategic plan
  • Led product development and marketing effort product selected for a $200M program
  • Initiated and maintained strong, continuous customer interaction to assess future needs, requirements, and design optimization goals resulting in major program captures