Newberry Technology Associates

Equivalent to over 300 years of experience in emerging technologies.


Marilyn Barger

Ph.D., Exec Dir at FLATE

Public Speaking, Civil/Environmental Engineering, Licensed patent for specialized synthetic membranes, developed and delivered innovative and award-winning K20 engineering, technology and CTE curriculum; promoted manufacturing education; provided exemplary professional development; and developed strong partnerships between college programs and industry

Walt Trybula, MBA, Ph.D.

Walt Trybula

Ph.D., MBA, Director, Trybulla Foundation, Inc.

Nanotechnology, Semiconductors, Materials Science, Thin Films, R&D, Program Management, Manufacturing, Product Developement, Optics, Mathematical Modeling, IEEE Fellow, SPIE Fellow, SEMATECH Senior Fellow, and IEEE Distinguished Lecturer


Sandra Porter

President, Digital World Biology

Specialties: Genomics research, biotechnology & bioinformatics teaching, professional education for teachers, technical writing, editing, grant writing, bioinformatics research

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Richard Gilbert

Ph.D., MBA, Director, Trybulla Foundation, Inc.

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Co-author of several books and articles, sensor, instrumentation and programmable logic controllers, conducted courses and training sessions for the Instrument Society of America (ISA), over 20 biotechnology patents


James Marti

Ph.D. Associate Program Director Minnesota Nano Center

Applied nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Biological applications of nanotechnology, Physicist, Researcher on the physics and chemistry of micron- and nanometer-scale particles, Particle systems, and related materials.


Mel Cossette

Exec. Dir. National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education

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John Ireland

Ph.D. Engineer and Educator

Nanotechnology, AFM, Spectroscopy, R&D, Nanomaterials, Microscopy, Characterization, Microfluidics, Semiconductors, Nanoparticles, Physics, Lithography, Photolithography


Greg Kepner

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